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Sneaker & Footwear Injuries

When’s the last time you thought, “I wonder how my shoes will hold up today?”   Few of us ask this question, and most of us assume the shoes we put on each morning will last throughout the day, but there is a chance they may not. Every year, hundreds of individuals are injured because […]

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Minor Accidents & Fender-benders

You get into your car, reach over to change the radio station and begin to back out of your space in the local grocery store’s parking lot. All of a sudden, another car from the lane behind you decides to back out and just as you try to put your foot on the brake to […]

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Preparing to Negotiate with an Adjuster

If this is your first time filing a claim for an accident, you might be wondering, ‘What will the conversation be like when the insurance adjuster calls? And what should I say?’ When you first speak to an adjuster, they will probably ask you to record a statement and sign a release for access to your […]

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