Prescription medication can be an essential component in maintaining a high quality of life for people of all ages. However, if a pharmacy provides the wrong drug, or does not follow a doctor’s prescription, the consumer can experience severe illness, injury, or even death.

Mistakes happen, but when a pharmacy mistakes milligrams for micrograms, give children the dosage of an adult, or outright file a prescription with a dosage that they should know is dangerous, mistakes are unacceptable.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a pharmacy error, seek the counsel of an experienced attorney at Parvey & Cavenago to guide you through the legal process of recovering compensation by settlement or jury verdict. Our attorneys specialize in pharmacy malpractice and when a pharmacist or other pharmacy employee is negligent of their duties, trust none other than the Parvey & Cavenago firm to advocate on your behalf to obtain the compensation and justice you deserve.