Case Results

Below are a list of some of our most recent and prominent verdicts and settlements. 

$6.5 million settlement for a negligent security case against a convenience store.
We were also successful in sanctioning defense attorney for violating a court order.

$3.6 million settlement for our client who suffered an amputated leg after an SUV cut him off while on his motorcycle.

$2.5 million jury verdict when a pick-up truck hit our client on a bicycle, resulting in an injury to his pudendal nerve.

$2.1 million settlement with two nursing homes on behalf of one client for negligence allowing severe decubitus ulcers and death.

$1.65 million settlement with a nursing home for not providing needed medical attention which resulted in decubitus ulcers that led to gangrene which resulted in death.

Over a million-dollar settlement secured when it was discovered that the insurance company had neglected to add the spouse to an umbrella policy prior to the loss taking place.

$1.25 million settlement for a case in which a nursing home resident fell out of bed and was strangled to death on a bed rail.

$1.275 million settlement for a vehicle collision that caused multiple internal injuries and multiple surgeries resulting in a 3-month hospital stay for our client.

$800,000 settlement for a fall down in a hotel bathroom due to leaking whirlpool tub resulting in back and arm injuries and disability from usual occupation.

$800,000 settlement after a nursing home patient died as a result of sepsis from decubitus ulcers.

$775,000 settlement for a paraplegic who suffered from decubitus ulcers in a nursing home.

$750,000 settlement with a nursing home whose patient developed stage four decubitus ulcers on his heels along with dehydration and malnutrition. His downward spiral ended after leaving that facility.

$750,000 settlement with a nursing home who failed to properly supervise a patient, who was known to have dementia and wander, who died of injuries sustained after he left the facility and spent a night in the elements.

$750,000 settlement for a pharmacy error that resulted in the death of a woman who had been married for 67 years.

$750,000 combined auto and medical malpractice settlement after an auto accident resulted in a bulging disc.
Malpractice by the surgeon during a laser assisted percutaneous discectomy led to a perforated bowel.

$650,000 settlement for nursing home resident who was overdosed by employees while employees went to a Christmas party. Resident died as a result.

$650,000 settlement for negligent security causing death at a night club.
This matter was referred to our firm from another attorney. It involved a senseless murder that was captured on closed circuit TV.

$600,000 settlement for nursing home for a decubitus ulcer that caused the resident to die.
Even after AHCA citations Defendant facility denied taking responsibility. After extensive litigation we discovered the Director of Nursing had mislead a family and covered up the extent of neglect to their loved one.

$600,000 settlement for motor vehicle collision that caused our client to need surgery for pre-existing scoliosis.
Our client’s uninsured motorist carrier tried to blame our client’s symptoms to anything but her collision.

$585,000 settlement for a client who was injured while riding in an Uber/rideshare vehicle.

$500,000 negligent security settlement for our client who was beaten at a fast-food restaurant.

$500,000 settlement when a doctor failed to treat our client for peripheral vascular disease (PVD) which resulted in the loss of his leg.

$450,000 settlement with a nursing home that failed to properly treat or report patient’s decline in health to a physician that directly contributed to his demise.

$400,000 settlement with a nursing home that failed to provide adequate supervision, nutrition, and failed to use wander guard and body alarms that led to multiple falls leading to various injuries.

$325,000 settlement for a retired couple who were struck by a car violating their right of way. The driver suffered back and neck sprains and some hearing loss while the passenger needed neck surgery to repair a fractured vertebra.

$300,000 settlement for a spinal injury due to the boat captain’s failure to warn passenger of dangerous waves (insurance policy limits).

$300,000 jury verdict where a driver ran a red light, hitting our client head on, causing a fractured vertebra in neck.

$275,000 settlement for injuries suffered from a trip and fall in a poorly lit stairway.

$250,000 settlement for a driver who suffered permanent scarring on her arm when her car was rear-ended and rolled over.

$200,000 settlement after a nursing home neglected our client from which she sustained finger and leg fractures from two falls.

$200,000 settlement for a woman hit by a car while working in her yard. The crash resulted in a broken femur and multiple lacerations.

$90,000 settlement when our client fell on a transitory substance in the aisle of a big box retail store.