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Preparing to Negotiate with an Adjuster

If this is your first time filing a claim for an accident, you might be wondering, ‘What will the conversation be like when the insurance adjuster calls? And what should I say?’

When you first speak to an adjuster, they will probably ask you to record a statement and sign a release for access to your medical records. You do not have to give your statement the first time you speak with him; you are held accountable for what you say in the statement, so if you need more time, tell him you will give a statement in a few days.


Give the adjuster the names of medical personnel treating your injuries, and let him know you will continue treatment and keep him updated throughout your recovery. Don’t discuss any settlement offers until you are released from treatment or fully healed.


Request him to send you a letter confirming the claim you reported, your conversation and the claim number. Over the course of your negotiation, you will receive many letters; file these documents in a claim folder, with any other records related to your accident. Your settlement packet should include your:

  • Proof of expenses
  • Car repair invoices
  • Proof of lost wages
  • Estimates for personal property damages
  • Medical bills and receipts for medications


To increase your chances of receiving a higher settlement in a quicker amount of time, be prepared, polite, professional and realistic. It’s likely that your adjuster is handing several other claims; send documentation and maintain contact to help him remember your claim and stay organized.


You desire to receive fair compensation for damages to your property and injuries. Insurance adjusters care about settling your claim for as little as possible, so they can move onto other cases.


To negotiate a settlement that’s fair for you, you need to be informed and persistent, while showing professionalism and commitment. Create a letter with realistic demands, complete your settlement packet and send all copies of documentation related to your personal injury claim to the adjuster.


Don’t get duped into agreeing with an insurance adjuster to an unfair compensation for your injuries; protect your rights. Parvey & Cavenago’s personal injury attorneys want to help you negotiate a fair settlement. Contact us today, and let’s get you the recovery compensation you need and deserve.

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