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Sneaker & Footwear Injuries

When’s the last time you thought, “I wonder how my shoes will hold up today?”


Few of us ask this question, and most of us assume the shoes we put on each morning will last throughout the day, but there is a chance they may not. Every year, hundreds of individuals are injured because of poorly manufactured or defectively designed shoes; a small fall can result in serious injuries including broken bones and head trauma.


Can footwear be recalled?

Yes, manufacturers try to catch defects before they put the product on the market. Unfortunately, there are times when defects in footwear are overlooked, and a recall isn’t released until a customer reports an injury or files a lawsuit against the manufacturer.


How can I hold my footwear’s manufacturer accountable for an injury?

File a Product Liability claim and have evidence to back it up. If you can prove a manufacturer failed in their duty to provide you with safe footwear, there’s a good chance you can receive compensation for damages including, out-of-pocket expenses (i.e. medication), medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.


What evidence should I use to help my case?

  • Photos: take time-stamped pictures of the defective footwear, the place you were injured and your injuries.
  • Preserve shoes: hold onto the sneakers or footwear which caused your injuries.
  • Witness statements: Ask eye-witnesses to sign, date and record the events of how they saw the footwear caused your injury.
  • Record expenses: Compile records and copies of receipts for your medical records and bills, out-of-pocket costs and proof of your lost wages.


When do I need an attorney?

  • With minor injuries such as rashes and blisters you can ask the retail store to refund you or make an exchange. No legal action is possible.
  • You can file a small claims lawsuit if you suffered a more serious injury, such as a sprain.
  • If your injuries are very serious such as scarring, broken bones, permanent head trauma etc., you must seek a personal injury attorney specializing in product liability cases.


If you’ve been seriously injured, meet with an attorney as soon as you can; Parvey & Cavenago have the expertise and experience needed to help you fight for your product liability claim. We want to guide you along the way. Stop in for your FREE consultation.

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