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Tips on Finding an Attorney You Can Trust

In Southwest Florida, we have a long list of attorneys to choose from, but finding the right attorney for your case can be a challenge. You want the best advocate for your case, and an attorney you can totally trust and confide in. There are many different types of cases attorneys choose to specialize in; some practices are limited to fatal injuries, wrongful death and car accidents. Others offer clients representation for slip and fall accidents and defective products. First, look into attorneys who specialize in your particular case type.


What can I do to find an attorney that’s fit for my case?

  • Use your network!
  • If you’ve previously worked with an attorney to settle a civil dispute or a divorce, you can reach out to them for a referral.
  • Ask your family and friends who have hired an attorney, if their experience was positive. If so, contact his law office, and if they do not provide services for your case type, ask for a referral.
  • No matter where you look, check online reviews and ratings to get a better feel for the attorneys you come across. They should be in good standing with their state and local bar association, have extensive skills and a good reputation. Narrow your list of options down to 3 or 4 to call for appointments.


What should I look for in a good attorney?

  • Here are some things to consider during your search:
    • Experience levels:
      • If the attorney has practiced for many years, he may have too many clients that he’s not able to give your case the attention it needs, or he’s lost the passion he may have had when first starting out.
      • On the flipside, a highly experienced attorney may have developed good relationships with claims adjusters or a reputation for not accepting settlements if the insurance company’s offer is too low.
      • Don’t overlook the amateurs. An attorney just starting out is trying to build a good reputation, most likely accepting new clients and will give a lot of time to your case and fighting for your compensation.
    • Luxurious offices:
      • A fancy office may seem like an attorney is very successful, but don’t let this deceive you; there is no connection between a luxurious office and the best attorney for your case.
    • Credentials:
      • If an attorney graduated from an ivy league school at the top of his class, it may not mean he’s a great lawyer. What matters is if he has the skills to effectively negotiate and get his clients high settlement offers.
    • Advertising and websites:
      • Through marketing and advertisements, you’ll only see the best of them. Consider the information (services he offers), and look into him for yourself because he’s not going to tell you about what cases he’s lost or if clients have fired him over low performance.


Work with someone you feel you can trust to give you his best effort; you don’t want to second guess his skills and dedication throughout your case. If you have recently suffered a personal injury, contact Parvey & Cavenago to see if one of our attorneys is a good fit for you.

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