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Dangers of Speeding

Speeding puts lives at risk, but when you have a fast car and an open road, it’s incredibly tempting to put the pedal to the metal. Even though most of us are aware of the possible dangers of speeding, it doesn’t stop us because it’s always another person who gets pulled over by the police and ticketed or causes an accident, not us. Nonetheless, speeding kills.


In 2008, there were 37,261 lives lost in speed-related traffic accidents the U.S., as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau. Speeding includes, but is not limited to, driving above the posted speed limit, driving too fast for road conditions, racing and all other forms of speed-related violations.


No one wants to get caught speeding by a police, sheriff or highway patrol radar or receive a ticket that can cost you hundreds of dollars, but slow speed limits exist primarily to protect the community and allow drivers the ability to take and adjust to curves or obstacles in the road. They are also put in place to extend the distance necessary for you to stop your vehicle and room to react to dangerous situations if need be.


So why do people speed?

  • They’re trying to get somewhere in a hurry.
  • They aren’t aware of their driving or that it’s dangerous.
  • They think they’re above the law and that speed limits only apply to others.
  • They don’t think they’ll get pulled over.


Is speeding worth a $150- $1,000 ticket, your life or other peoples’ lives? Absolutely not.


No matter your experience as a driver or the capability of your vehicle, the speed limit applies to everyone on the roadway, including you.

Here’s Parvey & Cavenago’s safety tip to keep you and your loved ones safe: Don’t rush, plan ahead to allow for extra time to get to where you’re going and just call if you’re going to be late. Drive safe and smart!

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