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Dog Bites

Dogs might be furry, friendly and happy to see you, but they may not always act that way, and for certain aggressive breeds of dogs it is nearly impossible to predict their behavior. We are taught as children that it is not safe to approach a dog without asking its owner first. Unless the dog is growling, barking or has its tail standing straight up, it is hard to identify sights of fear, anxiety, or discomfort. Dog bites are common, and it is the owner’s responsibility to keep their dog on a leash in public places, prevent people from engaging it too much if it gets irritated easily and provide proper restraining to ensure the safety of others.


If you have been bitten by a dog recently, it is very important for you to file a lawsuit within 4 years of the date of the dog bite injury. Later than this deadline and Florida’s civil court system will most likely toss your case aside before you’re able to receive compensation for your injury.


According to Florida’s dog bite statue, a dog’s owner can be held liable if the dog bites another person without being provoked, and the person is in a public or private area. There is grounds for a lawsuit if the owner neglected or failed to responsibly care for the dog, which resulted in your injury. If you are knocked down by a dog and sustain a serious injury, the owner may be proved liable for failing to use a leash or restraining the dog.


Because Florida is a “strict liability” dog bite state, you do not have to prove that a lack of reasonable care caused the dog to bite and injure you. The owner can be held liable even if they had no previous knowledge or warning that the dog might bite.


Statues between states may vary as some apply generally to domestic animal attacks or specifically to dog bites. If you or a family member has received an injury from being bitten or knocked down by a dog, don’t let 4 years go by without filing a lawsuit. Recover compensation for your pain and injury, and schedule a free consultation with Parvey & Cavenago today, so we can begin building your case.

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