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Babysitter, Nanny or Caretaker Abuse

Your children mean more than the world to you, but sometimes you need a chance to relax, go on a date with your spouse or just run errands without having little ones wrapped around your arms and legs. Grandparents are the ideal option when it comes to finding someone you can trust to watch your children when you head out, but if grandparents are unavailable, many parents turn to other child caretakers. So you call a babysitter or nannie, trusting that they will ensure the safety and wellbeing of your children while you are away because it is their duty.


Unfortunately, accidents happen and every parent’s worst nightmare is coming home to find their child injured from an event that totally could’ve been prevented with proper supervision. These situations are infuriating and tragic. Children require full-supervision at all times, no exceptions.


Some babysitters and nannies are very good at covering up a child’s injuries, and won’t tell parents about an accident that took place while in their care. Your child may have been abused physically, emotionally or sexually by their babysitter or nannie if he or she:

  • Is fearful or withdrawn
  • Has sustained broken bones and bruises
  • Was not medicated properly


Keep an eye out, and ask your children how they feel about their time with the babysitter or nannie. If your child is injured due to a neglectful or reckless babysitter or nanny, you have the right to receive compensation for your child’s injuries. Call Parvey & Cavenago today, and let’s hold these irresponsible actions accountable.

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