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Handling A Claim Yourself

If you’ve been in an accident, the next step is filing a claim. There are some personal injury accidents that require expert legal representation, and others where you can handle negotiating a settlement.

Here are 4 instances when you can probably handle your own case:

  • When you’ve sustained soft tissue injuries
    • If your injuries are minor and liability is clear, you may only have to submit damages to the insurance company for negotiating an appropriate settlement. Soft tissue injuries are minor and include headaches, blurred vision, lacerations, whiplash, swelling of tendons, abrasions and other similar injuries.
  • When the party at fault is clear and the only problem is the compensation amount
    • You can represent yourself when the insurance company accepts total liability and the only problem is the settlement offer. If you don’t think you’re receiving fair compensation, schedule a free consultation with Parvey & Cavenago to discuss your case before approving the release.
  • When you are able to devote energy, time and dedication to manage the claim
    • Pursuing a claim takes a lot of work. If you’re dealing with the trauma of your accident, going to doctor’s appointments and physical therapy, along with coping with pain, you might not have enough energy to effectively work on your case.
    • If you will be pursing your claim, be prepared to collect evidence, speak with witnesses and negotiate with insurance companies. Sometimes this process can be quick, but other times it can be unpleasant and dragged out for months.
  • When an attorney denies your case
    • When an attorney reviews your case, doesn’t think liability is clear and doubts your settlement will profit either of you, she probably will deny it. At that point, the only option might be to pursue your claim yourself.

If you need help pursuing your personal injury settlement, don’t go it alone. Parvey & Cavenago’s caring attorneys offer free consultations to help you along the way.

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