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Defective Toys of Tots

Babies, toddlers and children play with toys every day, and as a parent, you trust that their toys are safe, properly tested and designed with kids in mind. We usually don’t think about potential dangers until a batch of defective toys injures our child.


Defective toys can result in a number of serious accidents.

So, how do we tell a toy is defective and potentially harmful before we let our children play with it?:


– Follow the products age ranges and restrictions; your child’s toy may be inappropriate for his or her age. Small parts from dolls and action figures can easily become lodged in the throats of babies, toddlers and children, creating a choking hazard. Rule of thumb: If the tiny toy part can fit down a toilet paper tube, it surely can fit down your child’s throat.

– Pointed or sharp parts of a toy can cut or puncture the skin. Safer toys are rounded, plush and edge free.

– Electronic toys with defects are extremely unsafe, and may cause burn injuries or shock. Be mindful of the toy products unique and potentially dangerous features.


It is always tragic when children are injured by their beloved toys. We believe that if your child uses a toy in its intended way and becomes injured through a defect, the manufacturer needs to be held responsible for the accident their toy caused. Parvey & Cavenago will work to get your family the compensation you and your children deserve.

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