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Wrongful Death: Pedestrian Accidents


Most pedestrian wrongful death cases are caused by motor vehicles traveling at higher than safe speeds. Another factor contributing to pedestrian wrongful death cases is the volume of traffic.

Florida law requires that motorists yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. Yet there are many injuries and deaths caused by motor vehicles running over or hitting pedestrians in crosswalks. Some pedestrians are injured bicyclists who run into a pedestrian crossing a street or even on a sidewalk.

Pedestrian wrongful death actions can result from not just cars, but also from trucks, buses, motorcycles, and even bicycles. Whether or not a pedestrian is injured or killed on a sidewalk, crosswalk, or a street while waiting for transportation or a bus, each case must be thoroughly investigated. It is important that all parties to a pedestrian wrongful death action be held accountable. This may include not just the driver of the vehicle, but the owner or the agency that hired the driver.

There are many reports of pedestrian injuries and deaths that are associated with road construction or road design. In high traffic volume areas, placing crosswalks in an uncontrolled intersection is not necessarily a safe solution that always prevents harm to pedestrians.

Another common site of a pedestrian death is found at uncontrolled intersections. Those are the cross streets that have neither a stop sign or stop light for motor vehicles. Pedestrians may cross into oncoming traffic not realizing that the cars or trucks have no signal to stop. More and more streets around Southwest Florida have pedestrian cross signs and crosswalks for cars and trucks to obey pedestrians wishing to cross the road or street.

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