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Bad Effects of Early Discharge from Hospital

As soon as a loved one is injured we start looking down the long road of recovery, and shortcuts often look very appealing. However while it may seem like lucky news, often times an early discharge from a hospital can cause serious problems. But why would a hospital send you home early? Poor planning on […]

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Product Liability – Car Defects

When you buy a car, you should expect it to work properly.  Unfortunately, there have been many cases where they have been the source of injuries and accidents due to improperly designed seat belts, tires blowouts, and vehicles that roll over due to poor foundation design. Defects in cars or car parts may occur at the design […]

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Negligent Prenatal Care

Throughout the course of a pregnancy, frequent testing and supervision should be conducted. Many types of prenatal complications exhibit symptoms. In some cases, symptoms of complications or diseases are similar to typical pregnancy side effects. Neglect or failure to investigate symptoms can result in life-threatening complications for you and your child. Major complications include: Diagnosis Errors Misdiagnosis can […]

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