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When Doctor’s Prescribe Wrong Medication

Administering Wrong Medication or Wrong Dosage

Physicians and nurses can be liable for prescribing the wrong medication. They can simply make a mistake about what medication should be prescribed or what dosage to prescribe. It is shockingly easy to administer the wrong amount of medication. For example, any health care provider misses or transposes even a decimal point, the patient could be prescribed excessively too much or too little medication.

Different medications have to be administered in different ways. For example, if the medication is to be administered by shot, the nurse might give the shot in the wrong place. Different drugs have to be injected into the body in different places. For example, some drugs must be injected in muscles, while others have to be injected directly into the bloodstream. Failure to administer the medication in the proper manner in this case would likely make the nurse liable in a lawsuit.

Mislabeling the Medication

Sometimes, medications are mislabeled. This can happen either before the medication leaves the manufacturer or at the pharmacy. Either way, if a medication is mislabeled, the patient will receive the wrong medication as well as the wrong dosage.

Failing to Warn of Side Effects

In addition to prescribing medication, it is the nurse or doctor’s job to inform the patient what the common side effects of medications are, as well as what types of foods the patient should avoid when taking a certain medication. You should always ask your doctor about your medication’s side effects, including foods and drinks that you should not have while taking the medication.

Be careful about which medication you receive from your doctor and make sure it is the correct dose. Contact Parvey & Cavenago if you find yourself taking the wrong medication, negligently prescribed by your doctor.


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