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Dangerous Furniture

When a piece of furniture looks sturdy, you usually don’t question if it can hold weight; whether it be your own or books, televisions, clothes, etc. Unfortunately, dangerous furniture (bookcases, dressers, chairs, desks, etc.) injure over 2 million people each year. Furniture becomes more of a danger when other factors are involved; children playing rough […]

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Hazardous Gym & Fitness Equipment

Many people use fitness and gym equipment their entire lives and never sustain an injury. And then there are thousands of others that are injured by workout equipment every day; fitness and gym equipment is responsible for almost nine thousand injuries each year, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).   Injuries can […]

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Widow Cord Risks & Children

When it comes to childproofing homes, parents work diligently to make sure all safety essentials are present; from installing dozens of electrical outlet covers to child safety cabinet locks, parents can spend hours going from room to room turning their homes into safe places to live. Many parents will make household safety checklists to make […]

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Defective Airbag Recalls

Most of us get into our cars or trucks in the morning to head to work, trusting the safety devices installed in our vehicles to do their job if we get into a collision. We assume our seatbelts will catch us and our airbags will deploy properly, functioning to reduce the speed of our weight […]

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Dangerous Household Appliances

Household appliances are a big part of the average American’s everyday routine. We trust them to cook our food, style our hair, wash our clothes and heat our homes, but sometimes these products can be defective and injure you or someone you care about.   When a defective household product causes serious injury or death […]

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Amusement Park Accidents

One of the greatest joys of childhood is visiting an amusement park. Most of us expect bursts of adrenaline, bright lights and delicious smells, but few of us think twice about the potential safety and maintenance hazards of the park. Even as we glide through the air, we are not too concerned about risks because we […]

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Foodborne Illness

You finish enjoying a delicious dinner with your family, when a few hours later you start to feel nauseous. Your temperature has skyrocketed, and throughout the night you experience vomiting and diarrhea. While lying in bed, you think back on what you ate the previous day and suspect that you might have been food poisoned. […]

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Defective Toys of Tots

Babies, toddlers and children play with toys every day, and as a parent, you trust that their toys are safe, properly tested and designed with kids in mind. We usually don’t think about potential dangers until a batch of defective toys injures our child.   Defective toys can result in a number of serious accidents. […]

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Defective Power Tools

Defective power tools and machinery are often identified as the cause of serious injuries or death in accidents on the job as well as accidental injuries occurring in private individuals’ garages or homes. Power tool defects are sometimes attributable to a manufacturer, and sometimes to someone else, such as a marketer, a supervisor, a repair or […]

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