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Energy Drinks & Death

Opening up your groggy eyes to roll out of bed is so much easier when you’re looking forward to a boost of coffee. For many of us, coffee is our go-to for bursts of energy in the morning and throughout the day. Why is it so good at doing its job? Because of caffeine.


Caffeine is safe in moderate amounts, but overdosing can result in major health issues. Approximately 31% of adolescents, ages 12 to 19 turn to energy drinks on a regular basis for their caffeine boost. High amounts of caffeine in energy drinks are causing dangerous heart arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death in young, perfectly healthy individuals.


How do energy drink companies get away with having dangerous products on the market?

By “masking” caffeine on ingredient labels. Energy drink companies, including Monster, are not required by the FDA to display the exact amount of caffeine on ingredient labels because they are regulated and sold as nutritional supplements, even though they have no nutritional value. The FDA limits soda to have no more than 0.02 percent of caffeine, but energy drink manufacturers do not have this restriction. Some experts believe these levels to be even higher due to the drinks containing other stimulants not listed as caffeine.


Have there been any lawsuits against energy drinks?

Yes, Monster Energy Drinks have been involved in many lawsuits. One high-profile case involved Anais Fournier, a 14 year-old who ingested two 24-once cans of Monster Energy in less than 24 hours, resulting in cardiac arrest.


If you or a loved one has suffered injury through the negligent “masking of caffeine” by energy drink companies, contact Parvey & Cavenago for a free consultation to evaluate your claim. It’s time to hold these careless businesses accountable.


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