Broken and fractured bones may be common in car accidents, or slip and falls, but if they are due to the negligence of another you deserve financial compensation. While the severity of a broken or fractured bone can vary, medical costs can be massive even for the least severe of these injuries. Often, special attention, care, and rehabilitation is required for more serious injuries that result in broken bones, and if you are unable to work during this time, the massive cost becomes even more daunting.

What is even more disheartening is that insurance companies may write off an injury as a lesser type of fracture, granting less in benefits and leaving the victim to pay out-of-pocket for certain costs. Never accept an insurance settlement until you have a full understanding of the extent of your injury and what it will take to recover.

The Parvey & Cavenago legal teams collaborate with skilled medical professionals to evaluate the injury and ascertain what amount of funding the insurance company should contribute. Allow our attorneys to advocate on your behalf, and seek the highest possible compensation for your injury.