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Victims of Drunk Driving

Unfortunately, accidents involving drunk drivers happen frequently in Florida. To discourage intoxication behind the wheel, Florida law offers extensive protection and rights for victims of drunk driving accidents and DUI related injuries.


Many civil DUI cases involve two components:

  1. An auto accident claim in which the victim of the accident can fight for compensation for their injuries or damage to their property
  2. Criminal prosecution in which the victim’s attorney must prove that the accused driver was operating a vehicle under the influence


When criminal activity is involved in an accident, most of us think the justice system will prosecute the criminal who drove drunk and injured us, but this frequently does not happen. Do not rely on the criminal justice system to take action, file your own personal injury claim to directly seek compensation for your injuries and damages.


Florida’s drunk driving law also gives the victim of DUI negligence the opportunity to prosecute the facilities, hotels and restaurants that served the drunk driver alcohol in certain circumstances. The law generally applies if the liquor-licensed facility served alcohol to a minor or someone clearly already intoxicated therefore causing the accident. These facilities might have insurance protecting them from liability, so it is important that if you file a claim against them, you go about it using a very knowledgeable attorney with experience.


Our attorneys at Parvey & Cavenago fight for claims involving crimes, such as DUI negligence. As a drunk driving accident victim, you have rights and one of those is to fight for compensation. Contact us as soon as possible after your accident and schedule a free consultation with our experienced attorneys to review your options.

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