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No One Should Have To Deal With Wrongful Death

One of the first questions family members ask is “Why?” Why did we lose our loved one so suddenly and so violently? This is a traumatic incident that we wish would never happen.  Sadly, things like this happen on a daily basis.

Based on statistics from the National Safety Council, every five minutes, someone in America dies due to the improper conduct or negligence of another person. On average, it is estimated that over 100,000 people die each year due to the unjust actions of another.

In a wrongful death suit, grieving family members have the right to seek damages for the loss of their loved one(s). Putting aside the emotional effects, the answer often lies in determining if there was negligence. The authorities will ultimately decide that negligence caused a fatal car crash. A wrongful death claim is a demand a family member or court designee makes on the party whose actions caused the person’s death.

Today, every state has one form or another of a wrongful death statute. Under these statutes, a grieving party has the right to seek compensation for the loss of a loved one.

Contact Parvey & Cavenago if you are the victim of pain and suffering due to a wrongful death. No one should have to go through what many do every single day. Get the compensation you deserve. It isn’t easy, but Parvey & Cavenago can do the right thing for you.

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