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Negligent Security Claims

When you drop your child off at daycare, visit a school or stay at a hotel, you expect your family to be safe from crime. Likewise, most of us trust our bosses to maintain our protection when we are on the job.


But what happens when you suffer a loss or injury on someone else’s property due to neglected security?

You might be able to file a negligent security claim for your accident.


How would this be determined?

Florida law requires business and property owners to be responsible for the safety of anyone who comes onto his or her property. It is their duty to protect us from likely or ‘foreseeable’ criminal acts or injuries. There are a couple things to consider when determining if you should file a claim. It is important to ask the questions “was it a foreseeable crime or event” and “were reasonable precautions taken by the property owner to prevent your accident.” If he or she should have known and prevented the hazard from occurring, he or she is responsible for negligent security.

When a property or business owner says he or she was unaware of a specific danger, but failed to take reasonable precautions to protect their tenants, employees or customers, the negligent security lawyers at Parvey & Cavenago may be able to prove that the owner is at fault.

Below is a list of common security deficiencies overlooked by property owners, which can be your foundation for a negligent security lawsuit:

  • Unawareness of current crime activity on property or in community
  • Inadequate safety procedures and plans
  • Inadequate training of employees and lack of security personnel
  • Poor lighting at entrances to buildings and parking lots
  • Facility lacks maintenance
  • Defective security system. For example: inoperable cameras or panic alarms
  • Failure to provide adequate safety similar to other neighborhood facilities
  • Ignoring complaints about security from others
  • Failure to address threats in the workplace


Security exists to comfort us and ensure our safety. When your security is threatened and you get hurt, we want to hold the right party responsible for your injury. We understand that compensation for your injury or loss may not feel like enough, but it can go a long way to help your recovery. At the office of Parvey & Cavenago, we have experience winning negligent security compensation for our clients. Speak to one of our knowledgeable attorneys for a free initial consultation today to see if you qualify for repayment.

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