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How to Hire the Right Lawyers

In your search for defense, hiring the right lawyer is key. Here are a few tips to help you along if you are seeking legal counsel.

1. Size matters. Law firms range in size from the very large to the very small. If you are looking to engage in a massive business merger, you may need a firm of 3,000 lawyers to handle all of your needs. Though, if you are seeking to become whole again after a personal injury, then a smaller firm will fit your needs.

2. Research. Look into the firm and check track records. The internet is a good place to start looking to make sure that your firm has good reviews and can produce the right results for you.

3. Ask questions. At your first meeting, make sure to come prepared with a list of questions that you need answered. Ask about results and similar cases, and how the communication process works. Make sure you understand and are comfortable with the answers.

4. Understand charges. Know how and when you will be billed for legal services. Know if the charges will be hourly, one-time flat, or on contingency. For injury cases, most lawyers charge on contingency.

5. Engagement letters. Prepare and sign an engagement letter with your attorney. This is the working contract, so read it carefully. This document describes the nature of your legal matter, the pay structure and so on.

Be careful out there – Make sure to hire the right team!

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