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How Long Will It Take to Settle Your Personal Injury Claim?

What if you have a personal injury case, and you don’t want it to drag on for years? You might wonder whether you can just settle your case fast even if you have to accept less money to do it. The answer is that you can.

As a general rule, you can settle any personal injury case quickly as long as you are willing to take less money. The real question is how much money would you be giving up for a quick settlement.

Why Is It Taking So Long?

The first thing to know is why some personal injury cases can take a long time to settle. There are three main reasons why a personal injury case can move slowly:

  • There are legal or factual problems with the case
  • The case involves a lot of money
  • You have not reached a point of maximum medical improvement from your injuries
  • There are liability problems with the case

If your case involves any of these situations, the bad news is that your case is simply going to take some time to settle unless you are prepared to take pennies on the dollar in order to resolve it.

Don’t hesitate to contact Parvey & Cavenago when you’re in need of a personal injury lawyer. Our goal is to make sure that cases like these get settled in a timely manner.



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