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Boat Defects

Sunny Southwest Florida is the perfect place to take the boat out on the weekends with friends and family. It’s not so fun, though, when you find out that your boat has a defect issue.

In product liability cases, the rule of strict liability in tort will be applied. The liability of a manufacturer or a seller for injury or death caused by a defect in a boat or its parts, supplies, or equipment is one of strict liability.

In boat injury cases, liability will be imposed on a manufacturer or a seller of a boat or its parts, supplies, or equipment for injuries or damages according to the circumstances of the case. Liability can be imposed on a manufacturer for injury caused by:

  • a fuel leak
  • a fire-producing defect in the vessel
  • a defect in the boat’s steering or starting controls
  • other manufacturing defects

Punitive damages can be awarded in a product liability action based on strict liability. Damages in tort actions are generally intended only to compensate, and punitive damages are also allowed in exceptional cases for the purpose of punishing a tortfeasor and deterring both the tortfeasor and others from like conduct.

Don’t let boat defects ruin your weekend, contact Parvey & Cavenago to get the compensation you deserve, and put the fun back into boating!


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