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Be Cautious When it Comes to Trucks on the Highway

How many times have you been driving on the highway and have passed a semi-truck that was going 75-80+ mph? This is considered an average speed for a normal vehicle, but can be the cause for serious damages when it comes to big rigs. The reason that these speeds are a huge safety concern for truckers lies where the rubber meets the road, the tires.

Many heavy truck tires are designed for a maximum sustained speed of 75 mph. Driving a tire any faster than it’s rated speed is an accident waiting to happen. The heat generated from this excess speed can cause structural parts of the tire to weaken and fail. When this happens, you wind up with a blowout which can result in massive damages.

Truck drivers who go above the speed limit on the highway are a risk to themselves, their employers, and every other driver on the road. According to an investigation conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an analysis of blowout related accidents revealed that the most likely cause in each instance was “driver error” – that is, drivers pushing the tires beyond their speed rating.

Some in the trucking industry argue that the problem is larger than simply “driver error,” as some 14 states currently have speed limits of 75 mph or higher. However, the simple fact that the law permits travel at a specific speed does not mean it is safe for everyone to do so. A responsible trucker knows the limits of his/her equipment and takes care not to exceed those limits.

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