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Child Toy Safety

Millions of children’s toys, cribs, playpens and other children’s products are sold in the marketplace each year. Parents who purchase these items trust that they have been exhaustively tested to meet meticulous safety standards.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and product liability attorneys are aware. Companies who manufacture defective toys, cribs, and playpens need to be held to the highest standards of quality and safety, because the end users of those products are our most vulnerable population: children. The moment that manufacturers do not adhere to these regulations is when product liability lawsuits are created.

Defects in a toy or playpen can come about from a number of different, and often hidden, causes. Some toys contain lead paint. Others can be disassembled or taken apart by children and be unknown to parents. Still, other toys are of a size that can cause injury to children who simply use them.

Their negligently produced products can lead to the severe injury or, in tragic cases, death. A successful product liability attorney will build a case that not only compensates injured victims, but also serves as a balance that requires the manufacturer of the defective product to fully realize the costs that their defective product has placed on society.

Don’t feel like there’s nowhere to turn if your child gets harmed from something as innocent as a toy. Your child’s safety is important to Parvey & Cavenago. Contact us today to get the compensation you deserve.


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