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Consultation Checklist: What Should I Bring?

If you’ve endured a personal injury due to the carelessness of someone else, there may be information you need to collect and preserve to hold the other party accountable for their recklessness.


After scheduling a free consultation to meet with a Parvey & Cavenago attorney, make sure you collect everything needed for your first consultation. There will be two different categories of important evidence we’ll use to initiate your personal injury lawsuit or legal claim.


Creating a consultation checklist may help you organize, record and preserve all important information from your accident. Make space to record evidence in two separate categories on your checklist; “important information” and “documentation.”


Here are some examples to include in your two categories, if applicable:

Important Information:

  • Date, location and your account of the accident
  • List of physical evidence you can provide
  • Contact information of the party at fault and others involved in the collision
  • Contact information of any witnesses of the accident
  • Location and contact information of hospital you visited, including the physicians who evaluated your injuries after the accident
  • Details of insurance policies for you and other party
  • Dates of missed work due to your injury or accident
  • Any relevant data, contact information or statistics



  • Photos or video of the accident and scene following the collision
  • Police reports
  • Written statements from key witnesses and all other parties involved
  • Pay stubs (lost wages) and receipts related to the incident (injury and damaged property)
  • All medical, pharmaceutical or chiropractor bills
  • Insurance policy coverage
  • Questions you’d like to ask our attorney during the meeting


Injuries and damages can be traumatic, painful and life-shattering. To restore your peace of mind, let’s review your checklist and prepare for a lawsuit in which you can receive compensation. Make an appointment now with Parvey & Cavenago’s attorneys, and fight to take back what you’re entitled to by law.

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