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Nursing Home Abuse

Elderly abuse in nursing homes is an “invisible” problem, due to many patients’ failure to speak up about their experience. Some elderly patients struggle with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, making themselves more at risk of enduring harm that goes unnoticed.

Physical forms of elderly physical abuse may include abrasions that resemble injuries from ropes or straps, scratches, bites, burns, being pushed, hit, shoved, or slapped, signs of cigarette burns, scalding burns, or burns from appliances. There are many other signs of abuse, including verbal.

Family members of elderly patients in a nursing homes or assisted living facility can help prevent physical abuse. By visiting often, paying attention to social or behavioral patterns, and keeping an eye on the elderly patient’s health conditions, the risk of elder physical abuse would be significantly minimized. Talk to the elderly patient, listen to his or her concerns, and pay attention to any medicine the patient may be taking.

In addition, elderly patients can take their own action to avoid becoming victims of abuse. It is important to keep in touch with friends and family. If there is something involved in the care an elderly patient is receiving, that he or she does not like, it is crucial to speak up about it.

If you know a loved one who is experiencing abuse of any kind from a nursing home, contact Parvey & Cavenago. The experts will work diligently to stop elderly abuse.













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