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April is Distracted Driving Month

Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has declared April is distracted driving month and we join them in increasing awareness of the common distracted driving habits that many of us are guilty of. There are several different ways to drive distracted.

Visually – Anything that takes your eyes off the road.

Manually – Taking your hands off of the wheel.

Cognitive – Thinking about anything other than driving.

The biggest way to commit all of these at once is to text and drive, as it requires all three types of distracted driving to do! In 2015, there were over 45,000 traffic accidents where distracted driving was the cause.

Other causes of distracted driving are:  Turning around to talk to people in the back seat, talking on the phone, looking out the side windows, interacting with passengers beyond speaking, unsecured pets, adjusting radio or a/c, and many more.

Taking your attention off of driving and onto something else is a perfect storm that can end in a bad car accident. So, this April let’s all #FocusOnDrivingFL, spread awareness and stay safe.

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