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Is Your Hospital Sterile?

Back in February, the Food and Drug Administration warned doctors and hospitals to use extra caution in disinfecting a hard-to-clean medical scope that had been linked to the spread of powerful “superbugs” in outbreaks across the country. Research has been conducted for future prevention, and the society had been looking to raise awareness among doctors and hospitals on the need for special attention in cleaning their tools.

Unfortunately, some hospitals don’t consider these health risks for the sake of the patient. There have been many cases of medical malpractice from unclean hospital environments. In the case that a hospital fails to take reasonable precautions to ensure a sterile or clean environment, a number of serious problems can occur. Hospital acquired MRSA, pneumonia or other bacterial or viral outbreaks are all common results of negligent attitudes or procedures towards cleanliness.
Proper research on your prospective hospital helps. There are resources which can rate a hospital in other ways, many of which can help you choose the cleanest and most efficient hospital for your operation.

If you are personally injured due to poor cleanliness on the hospitals part, this can count as improper treatment. As the victim, you should try to collect as much evidence as possible as to the cause of any type of injuries, which should include medical records from documenting the suspected cause. Expert witnesses who are willing to testify that the injuries resulted from the negligence are also absolutely essential here.

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