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Injury on the Water

Sometimes fun in paradise can come at a shocking cost. As one of the world’s hottest vacation destinations, Florida is known for its long coastlines and thousands of miles of waterways that attract boating visitors and locals alike. Our high traffic waterways, large population and warm weather make the chances of being in a boat accident more likely than anywhere else in the nation. If you are injured while boating, and are unsure if taking legal action is justified and compensation is likely.


Consider asking yourself these questions:
• Did the vessel operator have an invalid license or improper training?
• Was the vessel operator disobeying waterway rules when the accident occurred?
• Was the vessel operator impaired (drugs, alcohol, etc.) while operating the vessel?
• Did safety equipment fail due to improper maintenance?
• Was all required safety equipment on board during the accident?
• Was the accident caused by another vessel crashing into you?
• Was the vessel operator speeding or engaging in risky behavior that caused the accident to occur?
• Did you slip and fall on the vessel?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above than you are entitled to reimbursement and should contact us for a free consultation.
Boat accidents that result in injury or death are tragic and can result in ongoing expenses and recovery needs. If the accident resulted in the death of a loved one, your claim may qualify as a wrongful death lawsuit. Determining who is responsible for your injuries is just the first step. Receiving fair compensation for you or your loved ones injuries requires a knowledgeable, caring personal injury lawyer, and choosing the right one can determine whether or not your claim earns full compensation. At Parvey & Cavenago, our attorneys specialize in Florida boating claims and will work alongside you through your recovery process to make sure the party responsible is held accountable for your injuries and expenses.

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