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Avoid Boating Accidents this Summer

Southwest Florida is a beautiful place for outdoor recreation like boating and swimming, especially during the summertime when the weather starts to heat up. However, as more people take to the waters throughout the summer months, the risk of injuries or death from drowning and boating accidents increases significantly. It is all too easy for people who are boating and swimming in Southwest Florida to become complacent and overly confident in your abilities while out on the water.

Although operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol is absolutely illegal in Florida, there are still plenty of boaters who take the risk every year, only to find it end up with disastrous results. More than half of all fatalities resulting from boating accidents involve alcohol to some extent, and people participating in these activities may have impaired judgment and underestimate the risks of injury or death.

Nonetheless, it is important to understand that any time an accident results in serious injury or death, the at-fault party will come under extreme scrutiny regarding whether or not he or she was impaired at the time of the accident. In the end, the devastating risk of injury or death from an alcohol-related boating accident simply isn’t worth the trouble of drinking while operating the boat.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, accident-free! Be sure to exercise extra caution if you decide to get on the water, regardless of whether you’re in a boat or just swimming, you can never be too diligent when it comes to safety.

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